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Bioneers - amerikanisches Umweltmagazin / American environmental magazine

verantwortlich / responsible: Carol Martinez of WFMT Radio Network, Chicago

Sendezeit / Airtime:
1., 2., 3. Montag im Monat / 1st, 2nd, 3rd Monday every month
16-16:30 Uhr / 4-4:30 p.m.
4. Dienstag im Monat / 4th Tuesday every month
19-19:30 Uhr / 7-7:30 p.m.
Wiederholungen / Replays:
mittwochs nach dem 1., 2., 3. Montag / Wednesdays following the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Monday
14-14:30 Uhr / 2-2:30 p.m.


Donnerstag nach dem 4. Dienstag / Thursday following the 4th Tuesday
14-14:30 Uhr / 2-2:30 p.m.

What is Bioneers?

A New Word.

Founder Kenny Ausubel coined the term Bioneers in 1990 to describe an emerging culture. Bioneers are social and scientific innovators from all walks of life and disciplines who have peered deep into the heart of living systems to understand how nature operates, and to mimic "nature's operating instructions" to serve human ends without harming the web of life. Nature's principles—kinship, cooperation, diversity, symbiosis and cycles of continuous creation absent of waste—can also serve as metaphoric guideposts for organizing an equitable, compassionate and democratic society.  

A Leading Source of Innovative Solutions.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we provide a forum and social hub for education about solutions presented through the Bioneers Conference and our programs. Our media productions leverage this content to reach millions of people around the nation and the world with our award-winning radio series, Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature; anthology book series; television programs; and our interactive website. We act as a key source for the media, including third-party films and the press. Our DVDs, CDs and other educational materials are also used by colleges and schools and by community-based and other organizations to inform and inspire positive change at the local level.

Program in 2017

17-03-28: "Women Changing the Story: Mother Bears, Polar Bears and Women’s Leadership"

17-03-20: "Resilience from the Ground Up: A New Strategic Narrative"

17-03-13: "Church Without a Roof: Keeping the Faith with Creation Care"

17-03-06: "One Percent Solutions: Climate Disruption, Fossil Billionaires and Democracy Deficits"

17-02-28: Amazon Visions: Solutions for Saving the Lungs of the Planet”

17-02-20: Betting Big on a Native Dream: Coming Home to a “We” Culture”

17-02-13: In Pursuit of Happiness: Becoming Beloved Community”

17-02-06: Disruptive Design: What Good Looks Like”

17-01-24: "The New Abolitionists: Farewell Fossil Fuels"

17-01-16: "Regeneration: Wisdom of the Wild, Generosity of the Heart"

Program in 2016

16-12-12: "Awakening the Genius in Everyone: When the Calling Keeps Calling"

16-12-05: "Growing Collective Intelligence: Democratizing Technology and Citizen Science"

16-11-22: "A Nourishing Future: Creating a Just and Healthy Food System for All"

16-11-21: "The Path Home: Restoring Native Lands and Traditional Ecological Knowledge"

16-11-14: "Fire in the Belly: Women Leaders in Environmental and Climate Justice"

16-11-07: "Restorative Justice: From Harm to Healing"

16-10-25: "Spirit in the Air: Reform, Revolution and Regeneration"

16-10-17: "Cultural Mindshift: Full Spectrum Sustainability and Resilience"

16-10-10: "Climate Health, Your Health: Prevention is Protection"

16-10-03:Spirit in Action: Three Virtues for the 21st Century”

16-09-27: "Raced and Classed: The Journey from Diversity to Equity"

16-09-19: "Welcome the Water: Climate Proofing for Resilience"

16-09-12: "We’re All Chimps: Or Are Animals Persons Too?"

16-07-18: Natural magic special

16-07-11: Molecular psychologie: Good chemistry with nature's green chemistry

16-07-04: Education for action: Reinventing everything

16-06-28: An oil spin runs through it: The sliming of American democracy

16-06-20: From slavery to stardust: What would healing look like?

16-06-13: The organic revolution: From hippie, to hip, to scale

16-06-06: Women and power: “Power over” or “Power to”?

16-05-24: Globalocal: The migration of grass roots solutions”

16-05-16: Future generations are screaming at us: The clean energy climate challenge”

16-05-09:Tears in the eyes, rainbow in the heart: Dr. Jane Goodall's reasons for hope”

16-05-02: “Upscales Goodness: Treehuggers, earth acupuncture and community forests”

16-04-26: "Beloved community: Hello my other self"

16-04-18: "All love begins with seeing: Poetry and justice for all"

16-04-11: "Bread and roses: Time poverty, super-wealth and the politics of happiness"

16-03-07: "Where angels fear to treat: Making art that heal the broken places"

16-02-23: "From bows and arrows to laptops: Marrying traditional knowledge with web technology to save the amazon"

16-02-15: "Busting the drug war: The dawn of drug policy reform"

16-02-08: "Don't mourn, organize: Power and passion for environmental justice and democracy"

16-02-01: "From soap operas to avatars: Digital diplomacy and making fiction into fact"

16-01-26: "Reinhabit, rehydrate, regenerate: Permaculture designs for an enduring planet"

16-01-18: "Planting buildings: The living building challenge"

16-01-11: "Generation green: Fulfilling the promise of jobs and justice"

16-01-04: "Earth justice: Corporate rights vs. the rights of nature"

Program in 2015
Program in 2014
Program in 2013
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